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Ossec Host Intrusion Detection System (HIDS) has been ranked in the top 5 open-source IDS solutions available. In fact, it has been ranked in the top 2 -- taking #1 in Linux World, and #2 on SecTools.Org.

For more information, visit http://www.ossec.net/.


DECODERS   |   viewing decoders and their relationship to the rules
The Decoders page features a module that has yet to be named. For now, we'll call it the Decode Module.
Decode Module
Decode Module
Decode Web Page
Decode Web Page
still in development; design, functionality, and expectations are likely to change before release.


DEVELOPER NOTE -- I make no promises on when I will have this available for beta or public consumption. My time is split mainly between work, health, and family and while I dedicate enormous amounts of time to special projects like this, I have been known to just stop (normally due to some sort of mental break that I need). In fact, at the time of this writing, I am going through one of those periods which prompted this note to be added.

This should not give the impression that I have put the project away. It only means that my progress is not as consistant and steady as you or I would like. It would also help if I get some updates from Daniel Cid (OSSEC Founder and Lead Designer) about current and future functionalities regarding the OSSEC server and database reporting. *hint - hint* Dan! :).


FEATURE PLANNING   |   a list of planned features to add within 2009
The following feature list are the goals I have created to include in up-coming versions of the OSSEC WebUI.
Rule Wizard
The ability to create a rule given a set of preferred options.
mockups will be available once design starts
This tool imitates the SELinux 'audit2allow' script. You can pipe the alert log through this script and it will output the rule configuration necessary to pass though
other options will be available such as setting the level or notification methods
Rules Web Page
A rules page that displays all configured rules and their relationships within the system
Decoder Web Page
A decoders page that displays all configured decoders and their relationships within the system (see above).
I am also paying attention the multiple requests made concerning the WebUI. I will add them here after I organize the functionality.




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